Packing & Materials

From full packing services to the supply of quality materials, good packing is crucial to ensure your belongings are protected and safe throughout your move.

Quality Packing & Materials

We offer a professional and reliable packing service tailored to your needs. Our packers are trained and have a wealth of experience in all matters of packing both standard and unusual, bulky, fragile and valuable items. The team will safely pack everything in your home ready for the onward move. We pride ourselves in the skill and care taken when wrapping, packing and loading your possessions safely, protecting them throughout your move.

Our packing services

Full packing

Our full packing service means that you don’t have to lift a finger. Our professionally trained team will arrive at your home, usually the day prior to the move and will bring all the packing materials they need. All of your possessions will be packed for you, ensuring that they are fully protected for your move.

Part packing

If you would prefer to pack some of your own possessions, and let us pack the remainder, we can provide you with some packing materials in advance to allow you to do this. Simply tell us what you would like us to pack and we will tailor our quote accordingly.

Packing fragile items

Are you wanting to make sure that your fragile items are safely packed to prevent any breakages? Many people often like us to just pack fragile or expensive goods such as kitchen china, glassware, mirrors, pictures and ornaments. This is a good option if you would like to maximise the protection of your goods and reduce any risk of damage during the move. Alternatively, we can supply you with the specialist packing materials to pack these items yourself.

Owner-packed service

If you’d prefer to pack all of your own belongings, we can supply all the packing materials you need in advance, so you have plenty of time to pack over the course of several days. Please be aware that any boxes you pack yourself and the contents inside are not covered under the remover's liability. This option can also mean a lot more work for you so bear this in mind when deciding how you will move your belongings.

Specialist packing solutions

We have the correct materials and equipment, so you can be sure that we will look after everything, from your glass and chinaware to a grandfather clock or a grand piano.

We use special wardrobe cartons with fitted rails to keep your clothes hanging throughout your removal. This option is only available on the move day and wardrobes or clothes rails are required at the new property to rehang.

These items will be covered in a protective bag to keep them clean and safe during the move.

We use padded TV bags, bubble wrap & blankets where required or their original packaging for optimum protection during the move.

We provide bubble wrap, blankets and specialist boxes where required.


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